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Option Homes Ltd - News- Advice for Identifying a Good Landlord – Part 1

Advice for Identifying a Good Landlord – Part 1

Date Added 17/06/2016

For anyone looking to rent a house or apartment, the main priority is usually the property itself, which might be in regards to where it is located or what condition it is in. However, there`s another important aspect of finding a place to rent which is worth paying attention to, especially if you find yourself with a choice of various satisfactory places to rent. That aspect is, of course, your landlord.

What kind of landlord you have can make a big difference to your living experience, so we`re going to post a couple of articles on this blog with some advice on how to identify what kind of landlord you have for a particular property.

Honesty and Transparency

It would be good if everybody was honest all the time, but we know that`s not the case. That`s not to say landlords will be lying to your face, but it`s possible they might be economical with the truth while they are showing you around the property. This might mean that they point out the fresh coat of paint in the hallway but neglect to mention the rising damp in the cupboard under the stairs. However, a landlord who is open and honest about the flaws of the property they are potentially renting to you is one you know you can trust.

Such transparency about any issues in the building (or even just the surrounding area) run the risk of preventing the landlord from securing a tenant, so you know you are dealing with someone who cares more about being a good landlord than simply getting as much money off you as possible.

How to Keep a Landlord Honest

One way of combating a landlord who is possibly not being as transparent as you think they should be – for example, if a property is presented to you as perfect but you suspect that it isn`t – then simply ask polite but direct questions about the kind of issues that properties sometimes have, such as damp, leaks or faulty appliances. You can even enquire as to what kind of neighbours the property has, if they are noisy, messy or any other such annoyance. Ask about any issues with the electrical wiring or the heating system, such as if there are ever any odd temperature fluctuations. Also ask about the quality of the internet service speed or any mobile phone reception issues.

The landlord might not want to advertise any faults and flaws the property has, but they are also unlikely to straight-up lie about them if asked directly. Most landlords are indeed honest folks, and your tenancy agreement with them should be a mutually beneficial experience, so ask those awkward questions as politely as possible and you will quickly discover the level of transparency your potential new landlord has
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