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Option Homes Ltd - News- Top 5 Home Design Trends for Autumn and Winter

Top 5 Home Design Trends for Autumn and Winter

Date Added 24/09/2016

Home design trends are an interesting subject to keep abreast of as they are often changing throughout the year. Sometimes a particular idea will resonate with so many homeowners at the same time that it`s a wonder that it hasn`t been incorporated into our collective interior design idea book already.

Other trends tend to be of the moment, and something that needs a bit of thought put into it before you commit. It might be that the idea looks great for a summer but soon wears thin once the seasons change. One idea like that which has been popular this year is the Sun Room, which is usually a small space in the home that is surrounded by windows that receive plenty of sunshine. You decorate the space with some comfortable furnishings and then enjoy the sunshine throughout the summer. Of course, once winter kicks in, the Sun Room seems like a slightly less good idea.

So what we`ve done for this blog is peruse all the design ideas trending throughout 2016 and collected the top five that are best suited to the autumn and the coming winter. That`s not to say they aren`t great ideas most of the year round, but they are certainly not summer-specific.

Black Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances

Polished stainless steel is on the way out as a trendy material for your ovens, refrigerators and other appliances. Coloured stainless steel is in, and the black variety adds a touch of class and effortlessly matches the rest of the kitchen`s design.

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Sticking with the kitchen, some excellent mismatched kitchen cabinet designs have set the whole two-tone trend in full swing. It`s been traditional to simply have all your kitchen cabinets made of the same material and colour, but mixing two different cabinet door and drawer types can add an interesting layer of design depth to a kitchen`s lay-out.

Granny Floral Couches

I can`t say I am massive fan of this personally as I prefer a more modern look, but there`s no denying that the granny floral patterns have been a huge trend this year. They work especially well on their own, with perhaps just the one couch or large cushion in an otherwise plain or modern room decorated thus. It was very trendy in the spring, but the granny florals work even better when accompanied by the wonderfully rustic tones of autumn.
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