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Option Homes Ltd - News- How to Secure a Fast Sale – Part 2

How to Secure a Fast Sale – Part 2

Date Added 25/08/2016

There are many different reasons why people decide to sell their homes, whether it`s upgrading to a bigger property or downsizing to a small one. Sometimes it`s just a case of needing or wanting to live in a different area to where they currently are. But when the reason for moving requires the seller to move as quickly as possible, then they need to secure a fast sale. In part one of this article, we covered setting the right the price, targeting the right kind of buyer, and the possibility of introducing a bit of competition to proceedings. In part two here, we will cover several other aspects which can greatly aid a seller in securing a quick sale.

Create that Kerb Appeal

You want your property`s first impression to be a good one so go to work on ensuring your front of house appeal is as good as it can possibly be. The inside of the home is important too, and we`ll cover that briefly in the next paragraph, but that first impression is also vital to ensuring any potential buyers enter the property with a positive mind state.

Create Space Inside the Property

De-cluttering is very important as potential buyers want to project their own ideas onto the property regarding how it will look once they are living in it. The less of your own life`s clutter is inhibiting their imaginations, the more likely they are to see themselves living in the house and thus the more likely they are to be impressed and make you an offer. Now, this doesn`t mean clearing out all of your belongings. In fact, many of your decorative items may well help the place look more appealing. But just be sure that there is enough space for the buyers to project their own personalities into all the rooms as they view them.

Pick the Perfect Property Agent

Securing a quick house sale can be made a lot easier with the help of an estate agent with access to any number of potential buyers, not to mention information regarding the right price to set your house for sale at. However, don`t just walk into the first estate agent you see and accept them. Some agents are better than others, so do shop around and ask as many questions as you can think of to ensure you find the right estate agent for you.

Prime Your Paperwork

You might be surprised at how often this one slows down a quick sale, but many folks forget to get their paperwork in order ahead of time so it`s ready to go when you do find a buyer. Your solicitor will need to be informed and instructed to be on stand by, plus all the documentation that you`ll need to provide a buyer must be ready and waiting for them. If things aren`t ready on your end, you risk losing your buyer to another property whose owners had all their paperwork ready to go.
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