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Option Homes Ltd - News- How to Plan a Garden Makeover

How to Plan a Garden Makeover

Date Added 01/08/2016

The summer time often inspires the landscaper in people as we spend more and time outside and enjoying the fine weather in the garden. It`s easy to forget about the backyard during the cold, wet months when we spend most evenings with the windows shut tight and the curtains drawn for comfort, but once the sun starts shining our attention always returns to the garden.

Inevitably, a number of us wish our gardens were better than they are, and unfortunately many of that number often have no idea how to go about changing things. So here`s a quick guide to making some improvements in the garden, whether it`s just a few small tweaks here and there or a complete overhaul.

Consult the Whole Family

It`s important that everyone who enjoys the garden gets a say in any renovation you are planning. So have everybody who lives in the house have a good hard think about what they would most like to see in the garden and see if a grand plan starts to take shape once everyone has been consulted. Of course, compromise will be necessary, especially when it comes to the kids demanding that the lawn be dug up and replaced with a massive swimming pool or adventure playground, but once all the ideas are out there, it can be fun to move them around in your mind`s eye as you use your imagination to plan out your perfect garden.

Will the yard have a theme, perhaps a dining area? Is there an area that doesn`t get used but could be turned into a beautiful flower display or water feature? The ideas are endless so figure out exactly what you want before making any changes.

Research Costs and Set a Budget

If a bigger overhaul is indeed what you desire and you have the time and money to make it happen, then research the costs of the ideas you want to implement (once you have consulted the family and figured out what everyone wants). This will mean calculating the labour costs if hiring a professional is necessary, and certainly the cost of the materials you will need such as decking, patio stones or even just gardening tools. It`s best to allow yourself a little leeway for any unexpected extra costs.

You can get quotes and estimates for work from professional landscapers, though do ensure you only use those registered with one of the official organisations listed below.

The British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI)
The Association of Professional Landscapers. (APL)

Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference

Of course, a major overhaul will be time-consuming and expensive, so if time and money are big factors in your decision-making, then look instead to make small changes that can have a big effect. Take a cold-eyed glance around the garden and identify the bad areas which can be cleaned up or changed entirely without needing too much effort. One tweak here or there might not make much difference by itself, but several small tweaks here and there certainly can.
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