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Option Homes Ltd - News- Choosing the Right Frames for Your Windows

Choosing the Right Frames for Your Windows

Date Added 29/07/2016

There are a variety of reasons why you should put a lot of thought into what kind of window frames you install in your home. Firstly, there`s the obvious price concern as some window frame materials are more expensive than others. There is also the aesthetic appeal of how the windows will look, which is important to your peace of mind while living in the house and also to your chances of selling the property when it comes time to move on.

Energy Efficiency is Also Important

Another issue to consider is the energy efficiency of the window frame material, as different materials have different qualities and which is more beneficial to your home might vary depending on the area you live in (and the weather and temperatures that the frames will be faced with throughout the year). For example, a home in an area that is warm and dry all year round will not have the same energy efficiency needs of a home that is located in a colder area that sees a lot of rain.

Residents of the United Kingdom will usually have to take all kinds of weather into consideration, with the home countries seeing plenty of low temperatures and rain throughout the year while also being prone to dry spells and the occasional heat-wave during the summer. So let`s have a quick look at some of the main window frame material options so you can make an informed choice that works best for your home.

Wooden Window Frames

Frames made out of 100% wood often look better than the other materials, but they are also the most high-maintenance of the lot. Because they need a lot of care and attention to avoid rot, rainy climates and wooden frames aren`t the best combination. They do tend to have the best window insulation properties though, so they are definitely worth your consideration, especially if you have an older home that simply looks better with wooden frames.

Wood-Clad Window Frames

These are an attempt at the best of both worlds, offering a wooden interior for the insulation properties that the wood has while having a non-wooden exterior for extra protection from the elements. However, wetter climates again cause problems for wood-clad frames as water tends to find a way inside the joint material to cause rot.

Aluminium Window Frames

These metallic frames are excellent value in wetter and more humid climates and tend to be stronger than most other types of material used. However, aluminium frames perform poorly when it comes to heat transfer, often failing to maintain indoor temperatures due to constant heat loss. Aluminium frames might be wise if you live in a particularly windy or stormy area, but not if most of the year sees your area experiencing low temperatures.

Vinyl Window Frames

Vinyl frames are one of the most popular materials due to their less expensive nature. This doesn`t necessarily make them bad though, as they can still make for high quality window frames. When installed correctly, they can be great insulators helping to maintain the indoor temperature, and can be ideal in either hot and dry or cold and wet climates. The main problem they have though is they don`t look particularly good, especially if the property is older or grander than your average, ordinary three-bed semi.
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