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Improve Your Garden`s Appeal with These Hedge Care Tips

Date Added 19/07/2016

So many homes around the UK feature a hedge or two so it`s a good idea to keep them in good health so they are an attractive feature of your property rather than an ugly eyesore that might just put off a potential buyer. Whether it`s your property`s kerb appeal you`re trying to improve by sprucing up a hedge at the front of your house, or if it`s a partitioning hedge at the rear or side that needs a little care, here are some great tips to make the best of this common feature of British gardens.

Care For the Inside As Well As the Outside

When taking care of your hedge, make sure to pull back the outer branches so you can access the inner recesses and check inside the hedge for any issues you need to take care of. Pull the outer branches apart and have a look to see if there are any infestations you can get rid or any branches in poor health due to lack of sunlight. You may find the remnants of an old birds nest in there too which you should remove as they will block sunlight from getting to the living branches (wait until the bird is no longer using it, of course).

If you do find your hedge`s innards to not be in the best of health, use bypass pruning shears to trim some of the branches which block the sunlight which will allow the light to get through to the inner branches.

Trim the Hedge Evenly All Over

Don`t just trim the top of the hedge to keep its height down, but move around the whole hedge looking to trim a few branches here and there evenly throughout the entire hedge. Look to trim evenly from the top, the middle and the bottom to ensure your hedge remains attractive.

Also, make sure you trim any long or tall shoots where they are joined with a branch inside the hedge. If you simply trim where they exit the hedge at the top or side then they will soon grow back to sticking out and looking unseemly.

Have a Long-Term Plan

A good long-term plan for a young hedge is to trim away about a third of the hedge`s mass every year for three or four years in a row. This helps keep it healthy and vibrant-looking and it will grow strong as well thanks to the large annual trimming. With a strong, healthy and attractive hedge, the overall aesthetic appeal of your garden will improve tenfold, helping you impress potential buyers of your home or just enjoy it for yourself.
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