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Option Homes Ltd - News- Home Design: How to Use Reds, Whites and Blues

Home Design: How to Use Reds, Whites and Blues

Date Added 14/07/2016

It`s easy to get excited with an idea we have in our head and go full steam ahead until the job is done and then spend the next few months wondering it doesn`t feel quite right. This is why it`s important to take some time to consider how the colours you want to decorate with will affect the room with regards to its purpose. Usually we want our rooms to be relaxing and comfortable, and so combining the colours correctly is important to ensure the design isn`t overbearing or distracting.

Decorating a Living Room with Red

Red is an increasingly popular colour for living rooms as it can be warm and cosy. However, it can also be brash and aggressive so be careful when utilising this colour that it is not too overbearing. Once you have the shade of red you want to paint the walls with, look around the room to see where you can include pops of fresh white which will balance out the boldness of the red and help create a relaxing environment. Skirting boards, fireplaces and mantelpieces make for wonderful white accents in a red-themed room, but also seek out light coloured lampshades and a white coffee table which can add to the effect. A dark grey coloured sofa and seats combo can also work fantastically well in a red room with white accents, with the red and white theme continued via the cushion covers.

Decorating Any Room in White

White is a colour theme you have to be careful with as it is easy to get it wrong and end up with a room that feels too clinical, as if you are in a doctor`s office or a bland waiting room. The key to making a white theme work is to utilise different textures and shades. In a living room, pair a sofa covered with a rough-hewn linen material with cushions in crocheted covers. A smooth beige carpet or other type of flooring (such as tiles in a bathroom) can be offset with a similarly coloured but rough cut rug, which can also help preserve the cleanliness of the light coloured flooring. If the walls are very light then go with a slightly darker or cream shade for your curtains, or vice versa. You can also make good use of occasional pastel accents which add just enough colour without changing the theme of the room.

Ensuring Blue is Not a ‘Cold` Colour

Blue can get a bad rap when it comes decorating homes. It`s considered a ‘cold` colour and thus not the most comfortable colour to choose. It`s a popular choice for bathrooms, of course, because of its association with water, but it can also be a very relaxing choice for any room when utilised correctly, including bedrooms and living rooms. The key to using blue correctly is to use soft shades with a variety of complimentary colours such as white accents similar to how to use red correctly in a living room. Other additions which can work well with soft blue shades are patterned accents, which can contrast directly with the blue or include a little bit of blue themselves to continue the theme.
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