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Option Homes Ltd - News- Make the Most of Your Dining Room

Make the Most of Your Dining Room

Date Added 12/07/2016

Surely you only need a table and chairs, some placemats and maybe a candle or two and that`s the dining room taken care of, right? Wrong! The dining room is a special area of the home that is often used for contrasting occasions such as birthday parties, romantic anniversaries and fancy dinner parties with all your friends (not to mention the occasional poker night!). This means that while it needs to remain functional, the best dining rooms are also versatile with the ability to be easily arranged to suit a wide variety of different kinds of situations.

Here are a few things you should focus on to make your dining room the very best dining room it can be.

Choose Warm Colours and Adjustable Lighting

We`ll start with the general colour theme of the room as that will need to be taken care of before anything else. The choice you make is interesting as colours can have a subtle but significant psychological effect on human beings, such as the colour red being thought to stimulate the flow of blood around the body and encourage your appetite. Restaurants often utilise the colour red for this reason, but be careful not to go overboard. Use one or two red features in the room rather than painting all the walls red, or perhaps paint an alcove or one section of the wall in a nice red hue and compliment it with other warm colours such as tan and beige.

The lighting is a much simpler issue and it can be pretty much summed up in two words: dimmer switch. Do invest in a nice couple of candle holders as well, although don`t crowd the table with them if you are serving a lot of food. In such cases it is much better to let the dimmer switch take care of the mood lighting. Also consider a glass chandelier-like lamp shade for the main light fixture, which adds a nice touch of class.

Buy Quality Furniture but Keep it to Scale

A quality set of table and chairs is paramount to a good dining room so it might be worth saving up for that special set instead of buying something cheaper that you don`t really like all that much. One thing to keep in mind though is the size of the room. Make sure you keep everything to scale and don`t buy an oversized table which makes the room feel squashed. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that there is always comfortable walking room behind every chair when someone is sat in it.

Maintain Multiple Table Dressing Options

Keep a variety of table cloths, placemats and coasters in a cupboard so you can dress the table according to the event it will be hosting. Bright and colourful for a children`s birthday party, a deep plum colour for a romantic occasion and a fresh white cloth for a dinner party with friends (and green felt for those poker nights!). Make sure you have some interesting placemats and matching coasters, perhaps something you picked up while on holiday abroad for a nice conversational piece, though do keep some separate ordinary ones nearby for everyday use.
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