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Option Homes Ltd - News- Three Easy Ways to Improve that Awkward Room

Three Easy Ways to Improve that Awkward Room

Date Added 27/06/2016

If you`ve recently moved into a new home or have been renovating your old one, you might encounter a problem that affects many people when it comes to designing or redesigning the rooms within the property. The problem is that a particular room sometimes just never quite feels ‘right`. It should work as you have all the furniture or decorative items you wanted in there all set up, but still the room just doesn`t quite have that finished feeling.

Maybe it`s that you can never fully relax while in there, or you find that you and your family or housemates don`t enjoy hanging out in there to socialise or for any other reason. Whatever the cause of the unease is, don`t fret because a room not quite coming together is a regular occurrence that has a few easy fixes, one or more of which should solve the problem.

Remove Something Large from the Room

By removing one of the larger items, such as a couch, cabinet or table, you can step back and visualise the room from a fresh perspective. With the room now a little emptier and the extra space in front of your eyes, it`s easier to move all the things in the room about in your mind until you find the sweet spot for everything. It might be that the item you removed should stay gone from the room, or that its temporary removal allows you to see what the true item that needs to go is. By taking out something big in order to re-imagine the room, it creates the space in which you can see the room`s true potential.

Take Photographs of the Room

Another way to see the room from a new perspective is to take a series of photographs from a variety of angles and then examine those somewhere away from the room itself. Looking at the room from this entirely different perspective can provide you with answers that were not apparent when you were standing in the room looking at it with your own eyes. Even just browsing through the pictures in thumbnail form can enlighten you as to the solution to the room`s design issues. Also, why not try comparing your room to images of interior design ideas found on any of the numerous home improvement websites out there.

Focus on One Area of the Room at a Time

If all the furniture you have in the room that doesn`t feel right has to remain there, try focusing in on individual areas such as one particular corner at a time. By narrowing your focus, you will find it easier to identify what you like about that particular spot and what you don`t like. Then you can simply make whatever small changes you think will improve each of the isolated areas until they all come together to make one satisfying whole.

There are other slightly more complicated ideas you can try, such as completely overhauling the style of the room or printing out the photographs you took and drawing onto them whatever ideas you have for rearranging the furniture, but the ideas above are simple and easy and should help you turn an uncomfortable room into one you love to be in.
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