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Option Homes Ltd - News- How to manage storage and maintenance in a child

How to manage storage and maintenance in a child`s bedroom

Date Added 29/07/2016

As any parent knows, the space you lovingly create for your child`s bedroom is soon covered in all sorts of toys and teddy bears, some of which you won`t even remember buying for your child.

The best thing to do about that when designing your child`s bedroom is to draw up a check-list of all the items that will require a storage space and then assign a cupboard, box or area for them. Once you know exactly what items need to be stored and how many there are, it can help you plan the storage spaces in the room accordingly.

Smart Storage Solutions

The storage you want in the room needs to be easily accessible to the child, not only so they can reach their toys but also so they can learn to tidy up after themselves, although good luck with that one. All jokes aside, having smart storage space for the child is actually a good way of enabling them to keep their space tidy.

One good idea is to have storage boxes that slide underneath the bed, or perhaps a larger storage bench/box that can double as a play table or reading space. Open shelving on the walls is also a good idea as many children like to have certain toys on display at all times, plus it provides a space for you to display any of your children`s artwork or sporting trophies that they (or you) are particularly proud of.

Keep Maintenance in Mind

When you`re designing your child`s bedroom, it`s important to bear in mind all the trouble and strife that the room is going to be put through. There will be spillages, unmentionable accidents, and random works of abstract art appearing all over the place, so consider materials that are durable and easy to clean. There are wallpapers that are designed to be easy to wipe down, and even paint that has a finish that is also easy to clean. Wooden or laminate flooring might seem cold but it can be easily warmed up with a nice rug, plus a rug is easier to clean than a carpet and the laminate floor can be mopped and wiped easily too. An easily changed rug also allows you to occasionally upgrade the décor of your child`s room according to their evolving tastes.

Lastly, do put some thought into the lighting of the bedroom. If the window is small and there is little natural light, then you will want plenty of artificial light to brighten the place up. Also consider some low lighting options such as a lamp or nightlight which can help create a relaxing atmosphere in the build-up to bedtime
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