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Option Homes Ltd - News- How to Create the Perfect Bedroom for Children

How to Create the Perfect Bedroom for Children

Date Added 01/06/2016

Designing a bedroom for a child is all about considering what their needs will be, not just at this moment but in the coming years too. It`s tempting for a loving parent to over-design a room and fill it with all sorts of knick-knacks and bits and bobs, but really we should only be considering four key things: a place for the child to sleep, a place for them to play, a place for them to read and a place for them to draw, paint or build something fun.

The bed is obviously the place they sleep, and a warm rug on an otherwise bare floor can make for an inviting play space. Creating a reading nook can be easy in a room that has one, but if not you can make a great reading space with the simple addition of a beanbag chair. As for the creating space, a small desk or play table is perfect depending on their age.

Invest in a Bed They Can Grow Into

When our children are little they can get lost in an adult-sized single bed, so many parents opt for a smaller bed. This is a good idea as it frees up play space in the room, but you should also try to get a bed that they can grow into over the next few years rather than one that will need replacing after the next growth spurt. They`ll get attached to their bed so ensure they can sleep in it for as long a time as possible. A larger bed will also provide a space for you when you want to read them a story or just snuggle them back to sleep after they wake from a nightmare.

Do Not Crowd the Bedroom

Before you actually buy any furniture to put in the child`s bedroom, it`s a good idea to use something like a folded bed sheet or newspaper pages to map out roughly how large the items you`re thinking of buying are, and thus how much space they will take up in the bedroom. You want to leave your child plenty of open space which their imaginations can fill instead of unnecessarily large furniture. Having that extra space available also allows you to incorporate any children`s hobbies your child gets interested in, such as painting, playing an instrument, or collecting memorabilia.

Decorate for the Future

It`s always tempting to decorate a young child`s bedroom with a bright colour that suits whatever image you`re projecting on to the child, but bold blues or strong pinks will be quickly outgrown so it might be wise to go with something more neutral which will stand the test of time. A neutral colour on the walls will also help the other decorative features in the room stand out. Those other decorative features, such as wall posters and duvet covers, will change over time according to the child`s interest so a neutral colour will help accommodate them all.
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