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Option Homes Ltd - News- Subtle Ways to Increase Kerb Appeal

Subtle Ways to Increase Kerb Appeal

Date Added 31/05/2016

There are numerous ways you can increase the kerb appeal of your home such as sorting out any overgrowing trees and bushes, fresh licks of paint where necessary and so on. It`s also worth looking into some of the less obvious ways you can subtly improve the first impression that your home has on a potential buyer.

Welcome Mats with Messages

This unlikely hero can add a lot of warmth to a number of different house types, presenting them as homes you could get really comfortable in. Obviously, it depends a little on what kind of home you are selling, but anywhere that could house a family can greatly benefit from a welcoming mat. Not only do they help prevent muck from the streets finding their way into your home, but they add a comely accent to the place that few other items are able to.

Welcome mats that contain messages written on them can look tacky if not done with care, but when executed well they can help enhance the homeliness of the house (a simple brown brush mat with black or charred writing is perfect). A welcome mat that says ‘Hello` or ‘Welcome` shows any visitor that you are friendly and that they are, well, welcome. It might not seem like it makes a big difference, but it can help set the buyer`s mind at ease even in such a way that it barely registers in the conscious mind.

Decorate the Garage Doors

If the home you want to sell comes with a single or double garage, then try thinking outside the box when it comes to how you present the garage to any potential buyers. Sure, a new coat of paint on the doors can keep it all looking fresh and clean, but consider adding a decorative feature that helps add character to the place. Just a little something to add a nice accent that helps the place stand out from all the others.

A lattice design can work well on smaller types of garage doors. Other garage door types, especially wider or double garage doors, might benefit from a painted window effect along the top. Again though, the best thing to do is check out what others have done, find a garage door design idea that suits what you`re working with and go for it.

Camouflage Electrical Boxes and Other Wall-Mounted Appliances

Take a walk around the outside of your house and identify any electrical boxes, outdoor faucets, or anything mounted to the walls and contemplate how out of place it looks. Usually, these kinds of thing look ugly but they don`t have to be such an eyesore. Painting or covering them with a similar colour or design to whatever you have on the wall already is all you need to do to fix this issue. Then the wall-mounted appliance simply blends into the background.
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