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Option Homes Ltd - News- Add Value to Your Home with a Bathroom Makeover

Add Value to Your Home with a Bathroom Makeover

Date Added 11/05/2016

There are house value experts who believe that adding an en suite bathroom to the master bathroom can add as much as 5% to a property`s value. However, there`s a caveat as you don`t want to sacrifice a double bedroom in order to create the en suite bathroom. Halving a smaller-sized double bedroom in order to install the en suite may actually knock value off of the property`s value due to the loss of the double room.

Of course, if your property has an enormous master bedroom which can easily absorb an en suite bathroom while remaining a double bedroom, then it is a fantastic way of boosting the value of your home prior to a sale.

So what should you do if your property`s largest bedroom isn`t big enough to have an en suite bathroom installed while remaining double-sized?

Modernise Your Current Bathroom

Instead of sacrificing your double bedroom to install an en suite bathroom, renovating the bathroom you already have could be the key to adding extra value to your home. There are numerous ways you can modernise a bathroom to add extra value to a property, though it`s a project which requires you to keep a close eye on the running costs as you don`t want to over do it and end up spending more than the value the updated bathroom adds to the property.

If you are willing to splash out, then look to install features such as a spa or whirlpool bath tub, plus a modern power shower will always be a great feature to add to your bathroom. If it`s possible to create a separate shower from the bath then go for it as this can be a very good selling point when it comes to finding a buyer. Obviously, you will need to ensure your plumbing can handle any updated features such as spa baths and power showers, with the pipes needing to carry more water and the water heater bearing a much bigger burden.

If your plumbing won`t handle these additions, or they are simply beyond your financial reach, then there are plenty of other ways to update your bathroom at a much lower cost.

How to Minimise Costs When Renewing Your Bathroom

Instead of refitting absolutely everything, look to update certain key areas which help improve the bathroom. Search for a new bath panel rather than a new bath itself, and purchase new taps for the bath and sink basin. Other items such as steel plugs and glass shower doors also improve the immediate aesthetic of a bathroom, while a new toilet seat and steel cistern flush adds even more modern flavour.

Make sure you get any plumbing advice you need when installing new bathroom fittings, though if it`s not a major overhaul then you can usually find what you need to know online which helps minimise your costs even more.
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