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Option Homes Ltd - News- Repaint Your House for a Quicker Sale

Repaint Your House for a Quicker Sale

Date Added 22/03/2016

During our time living in a house, we choose paint colours that suit our own personal preference and even our mood at the time of choosing. However, when it comes to selling our homes when it`s time to move on, it can be worthwhile to reconsider the colours that made us happy and look to freshen the place up with a fresh coat that can actually help you secure a sale quicker than you otherwise would.

It`s not just about giving it a fresh coat though as it`s important to get your choice of colour just right to help maximise the sale potential of each room your potential buyers will be viewing. Colour placement is also an important aspect of this process, as the perfect blend can actually make a property appear more expensive than it is actually is.

Colours for the Living Room

You want your living room to a blend of comfort and relaxation with a generous dash of modernity. Many designers believe that lilac and purple are going to be strong interior design trends during 2016, though you don`t want to be too bold if you are painting with the intention of selling. Try opting for soft and light shades to create an air of sophistication and warmth.

Colours for the Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is meant to be a sanctuary for whoever dwells there, so make sure the colour combinations have a soothing quality to them. Pale greens are popular at the moment, as are very light, watery blues. Another stylish option is to go for light or muted lavender. All three of these colours are relaxing and inspire images of nature in the form of swaying grass, a flowing stream or a field of wildflowers.

Colours for the Bathroom

A watery theme is always popular in a bathroom so the obvious choice would be to go for a soft blue or even a sharper icy blue shade. However, don`t rule out the possibility of using an aqua green shade, as when it`s twinned with white installations such as the sink basin and bath, this colour really brings it together for a classy finish.

Colours for the Kitchen

You want your kitchen to be bright and cheerful so the best way of doing that is to go with summery colours such as yellow and orange, although do be careful not to select strong versions of these colours. If the shades are too brash then the effect can be overwhelming, so opt for a softer variety. Keep the dominant shades muted and look to pair them with either a light brown or a subtle grey.

Keeping it light and classy is pretty much the name of the game here, so take a walk through your home and identify any rooms, walls or other areas where the colours are unnecessarily strong and see what you can do about them to help secure that sale as quickly as possible.
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