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Option Homes Ltd - News- How NOT to Sell a House

How NOT to Sell a House

Date Added 01/03/2016

There is loads of advice out there about the best way to present your home when trying to attract a buyer, but one thing that often gets overlooked is how we present ourselves to the potential buyer.

This doesn`t just mean how we dress and act when an interested person comes round for a viewing, but also what items around the house reveal about us.

A 2015 Study Reveals Lots of Bizarre Encounters

My Online Estate Agent commissioned a report last year which revealed that one in five buyers had experienced strange or unusual behaviour from the property owners when they had gone round for a viewing. These encounters included relatively mundane things such as carpeted walls, but also include experiences such as seeing a coffin hidden in a cupboard and large collections of creepy dolls. The report even heard about live chickens being discovered in the kitchen.

Also, somewhat hilariously, about 11% of those surveyed also reported encountering nude pictures of the homeowners on full display during a house viewing.

First Impressions Are Key

David Grundy of My Online Estate Agent said, `First impressions are absolutely key to securing a buyer, so that pesky mouse scampering across the kitchen floor or dirty dishes can be fatal. Buyers want to see a property that they can imagine themselves living in.`

And it`s true that how we come across as individuals can influence how a potential buyer sees the property itself. If we bring any negativity into our conversation with the buyer, then that can give them a negative impression of the house. Complaining about anything, even just the reasons for wanting to sell the property, is not a good idea. It`s also a bad idea to offer any criticism of your property, even if it seems like honesty is the best policy. If a particular window has a poor view, or a neighbour`s tree overhangs in an annoying way, pointing it out in the attempt to be honest will not help you secure the sale, and can actually have the opposite effect.

Often the best way to let your property speak for itself is to let the potential buyers view the place when you are not around. If you are selling through an estate agent then they can arrange to accompany the buyers through the viewing. By doing it this way, the process has a much more business-like and professional tone which can have a positive influence on the buyer`s impression of your house.
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